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Reasons Traders Choose Optimus Futures

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    Account Protection and Safety of Funds We give retail traders access to some of the largest clearing houses that the Futures industry has to offer. All client funds are held in segregation under Commodity Futures Trading Commission rule 1.25 (“CFTC 1.25”), ensuring all our clearing firms fully comply with this key customer protection rule.


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    Fast Order Execution Via Multiple Datafeeds Low latency trading infrastructure that delivers fast execution. Data that delivers all the ticks from the exchanges. Experience fast order routing through industry-leading trading platforms, powered by multiple Datafeeds.


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    Global Exchange Connectivity We are committed to providing clients with direct market access via high-performance, reliable connections to the world’s major futures exchanges in North America, Europe and Asia, executing orders though clearing members of CME Group, Interncontinental Exchange (ICE), New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), Commerce Exchange (Comex), Eurex, and more.


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    Trading Resources We help traders with expert analysis and technical articles on our blog, weekly chart analysis of key commodity markets, in-depth platform tutorial guides and walkthrough videos, educational podcasts and an active trading community for you to interact with like-minded traders.


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    Personal Support Our dedicated support team of brokers, developers and technical support specialists combine for years of futures trading experience to help you execute your trades with speed and precision. With a 24 Hour Trade Desk from our FCM's and technical knowledge of all trading platforms, every Optimus customer has access to around-the-clock support. You can reach us by Phone, Email, Chat, Twitter or Submit a Support Request.


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    Commodities Research And Trading Tools Free access to quotes, charts, contract specifications, trading hours, margin requirements, expiration calendars and research from some of the most respected names in the commodities landscape as well as specific trade recommendations with precise entry/exit strategies.


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    Education Client education is always a priority and we are thoroughly familiar with the needs of both beginner traders as well as with experienced traders that need highly sophisticated solutions to accommodate their complex strategies. We do our best to equip traders of all levels with the necessary tools to trade the commodity futures markets.


What our Customers Are Saying About Us

  • Optimus Futures has the fastest support response I have ever seen. Seems like they have people respond to email 24/7. Whenever I call or email, there are always people ready to help. Thats what I call a 5 star service. It’s simple but very few can do it. Luckily, Optimus is one of them.

    Nate Z posted: 5 days ago

    Platform: R | Trader™

    Datafeed: Rithmic

    Optimus Futures does a great job of matching you up with the clearing firm and platform to meet your needs. Everything has been transparent and straightforward from the start. Matt Z. also has a wealth of knowledge as evidenced from his Youtube channel and blog posts, which I find rare in the brokerage business.

    Ajay S posted: 2 weeks ago

    Platform: 757-934-3509

    Datafeed: Trading Technologies

    I joined Optimus Futures because I saw great reviews on how well they take care of their customers. Well I am a true believer myself now. The Optimus team quickly, tirelessly and with full effort worked with me to overcome technology issues with the setup of my account and trading platform. It is clear that taking care of the customer is the center of all they do and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone else that needs a broker who will always take care of them.

    David L posted: 1 month ago

    Platform: CQG QTrader

    Datafeed: CQG

  • The benefit of having Optimus Futures as my 'umbrella' Broker are many: continuity over my trading career due to the long-standing account management by Optimus; the ability to switch platforms and data providers without losing the personal relationship built up over time; trust (this cannot be overstated); unbiased and sometimes frank advice (to save me from myself :) I wholeheartedly appreciate the care shown by Optimus Futures over the past 8 years of our relationship.

    David P posted: 1 month ago

    Platform: Trade Navigator

    Datafeed: Rithmic

    The team at Optimus Futures is great to work with. They are very dedicated to making sure whatever issue you have is taken care of in a timely manner. I have worked with several brokers in the past, and they are far and away the best. What more could you ask for? Excellent customer service and reasonable commissions. You won't be disappointed.

    Patrick B posted: 2 months ago

    Platform: (877) 552-6725

    Datafeed: (865) 986-6376

    I had a great experience with Optimus Futures right from the start. They responded in a great fashion to accommodate my data-feed and initial trading setups and negotiated on my behalf with the FCM in a very satisfactory way. I recommend Optimus as one of the best IBs out there.

    Periklis S posted: 2 months ago

    Platform: R | Trader Pro™

    Datafeed: generification

  • My experience with Optimus Futures has been excellent. They provide great charting software, the best data feeds and prompt and accurate support. Matt, who runs Optimus, and his assistant, has always been available for support and questions. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

    Jerry S posted: 3 months ago

    Platform: dicoccous

    Datafeed: viridine

    Optimus offers a balance that is hard to achieve with responsive/personal customer service, extensive platform options, and discounted fees. Thank you for taking the time to set me up and thank you for not making me have to follow up on anything! You handled it all!

    John H posted: 6 months ago

    Platform: 504-561-2617

    Datafeed: CQG

    Great choice of platforms, data-feeds, and very competitive commissions designed to keep your business. Customer service is the best. I went to Optimus Futures and chose Sierra Chart for charting & data-feed, combining it with CTS execution via the low-cost connection that Sierra have with CTS, using Wedbush for FCM/clearing. I believe this combination is the best in the industry for the self-directed retail trader. Give Matt a call!

    Simon C posted: 6 months ago

    Platform: 4783578792

    Datafeed: 720-381-6395

  • I'm just getting into day trading. I thought getting questions answered about software, data feeds, etc. would it be a straight forward process but it proved otherwise. Or maybe I was just unlucky. In any event, after a discouraging morning talking with other brokers, my fortunes changed for the better when I hit upon Optimus Futures in the afternoon. The staff was accessible, professional and very patient answering questions while offering advice to get started. I can't thank them enough.

    David B posted: 6 months ago

    Platform: spawny

    Datafeed: CQG

    Its so nice to have the great customer service from Optimus Futures. You can actually talk to your broker on the phone and get your questions answered. Its a very nice change from just dealing with some other brokers where you don't know anyone and only get email support. (Optimus also does have email and chat support.) They also offer any software and data feeds you want plus great pricing. Thanks!.

    Bruce C posted: 7 months ago

    Platform: Sierra Chart

    Datafeed: CQG

    Optimus Futures has an extremely unique approach to customer support hard to come by in this industry. Extremely responsive, helpful, and a great brokerage firm to build a long term relationship with.

    Travis M posted: 7 months ago

    Platform: TradingTechnologies

    Datafeed: TradingTechnologies

  • The team at Optimus Futures are very helpful and professional. By far the best service I've received from anyone in the industry. They spent time working with me to understand my trading style and requirements in order to make a couple platform recommendations. They were very impartial as we tried a couple things out until we found something that worked. All communication has been very prompt over both e-mail and phone.

    Travis J posted: 7 months ago

    Platform: MultiCharts

    Datafeed: CQG

    I have been trading 11 plus years- Stocks, Forex and now EMini's.. Most IB's at best emulate their FCM, a group of inexperienced Brokers, the Blind leading the Blind. Optimus is a VERY different animal with full focus on the would be newbie or the the experienced retail pro. This top down approach is because of the vision of it's leader Matt Zimberg who trains his people to care and solve problem, the best approach to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) I have seen.

    Arvin G posted: 1 year ago

    Platform: 2075773477

    Datafeed: (708) 829-8175

    Optimus is by far the best introducing broker I have used in over 15 years of trading. I am particularly impressed with their responsiveness and attention to detail--making the process of opening, funding, and managing the clearing broker easy. Beyond the basics, Optimus has for quite a while offered a rather unique service: on-line access to a number of vetted trading algorithms and CTA's. All in all, it has been a great pleasure working with the Optimus team.

    Paul B posted: 1 year ago

    Platform: MultiCharts

    Datafeed: 951-276-6640

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